Courses Diploma in Information Technology

About Department

Pravin Patil Polytechnic was established in the year 2002 with one branch of information technology, having approximately 30 students and has been running as full-fledged course with a remarkable strength till date. The department has participated in various technical quiz and paper presentation competitions and has come out with flying colors. Not only the students but also the various faculty development programmes are updated and executed at frequent intervals so as to keep the faculty at pace with the current crux of technology and curriculum of sub branches and sub subjects of information technology. Faculty of the department has excelled in writing various research papers and post-graduation courses in engineering.

The management of the college has always stood up as a firm pillar for the development and enhancement of the department. The department always laid stress on the overall development of the students by inspiring them to participate in various inter as well as intra college competitions namely IDESSA, Pravinya etc. Thus the branch is well equipped with skilled faculty and laboratories for the betterment of the student’s development under the kind guidance of our visionary principal Mrs. R.B.Patil.

DURATION : 3 Years (6 semesters ), Intake Capacity : 60

  • English [ENG - 17101]
  • Basic Science [Physics-EPH-17102], [Chemistry-ECH-17103]
  • Basic Mathematics [BMS-17104]
  • Engineering Graphics [EGG-17001]
  • Computer Fundamentals [CMF-17002]
  • Basic Workshop Practice [WPI-17007]
  • Communication Skills [CMS-17201]
  • Applied Science [Physic-APH-17210], [Chemistry-ACH-17211]
  • Programming in 'C' [PIC-17212]
  • Basic Electronics [BEL-17213]
  • Engineering Mathematics [EMS-17216]
  • Development of Life Skills [DLS-17010]
  • Web Page Designing [WPD-17013]
  • Applied Mathematics [AMS-17301]
  • Data Structure Using 'C' [DSU-17330]
  • Electrical Technology [ETE-17331]
  • Relational Data Base Management Systems [RDM-17332]
  • Digital Techniques [DTE-17333]
  • Graphical User Interface Programming [GUI-17026]
  • Professional Practice - I [PPO-17027]
  • Environmental Studies [EST-17401]
  • Computer Hardware & Maintenance [CHM-17428]
  • Database Communication & Networking [DCN-17430]
  • Microprocessor and Programming [MAP-17431]
  • Object Oriented Programming [OOP-17432]
  • Applied Multimedia Technology [AMT-17041]
  • Professional Practice - II [PPT-17042]
  • Operating System [OSY-17512]
  • Software Engineering [SEN-17513]
  • Information Security [ISE-17518]
  • Java Programming [JPR-17515]
  • Communication Technology [CTE-17519]
  • Behavioural Science [BSC-17075]
  • Network Management and Administration [NMA-17061]
  • Professional Practices - III [PPT-17062]
  • Management [MAN - 17601]
  • Mobile Computing [MCO - 17632]
  • Advanced Java Programming [AJP - 17625]
  • Fiber Optic Communication [FOC - 17633] ELECTIVE Object Oriented Modeling and Design [OOM - 17630] ELECTIVE
  • Scripting Technology [STE - 17819]
  • Industrial Project [IPR - 17817]
  • Entrepreneurship Development [EDE - 17818]