Affiliated to the M.S.B.T.E. Mumbai
Recognised by D.T.E. Govt. of Maharashtra
Approved by A.I.C.T.E. New Delhi

About College

The Pravin Patil Polytechnic is affiliated to the Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Recognised by DTE Maharashtra State and approved by A.I.C.T.E. New Delhi, provides Diploma Courses in Information Technology, Computer Technology, Computer Engineering, Electronics & Tele-Communication, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering leading to certificate in Diploma by the Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education Mumbai.


Rohidas PatilChairman

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The aim and objects of our Trust is not retreading of old walks but to maintain pace with the world with innovative ideas and concepts of science and Technology which is inevitable. The 21st century is an era of Science and Information Technology, thereby we must adopt modern and advance technology for sustenance and endurance in this competitive world. We have to bridge the gap between past and present to cultivate and preserve our basic values and ethics by inculcating cultural and civilized thoughts on young generation. We do always believe in co-ordination, harmony and progress, development and strict discipline, Our commitment is to provide excellent infrastructure, equipment, workshop, laboratories and highly qualified staff for better results where no compromise will be made so far quality and standard is concerned. We do promise and assure to provide high caliber of technocrats from our Institute. We pay attention towards weak students to explore their hidden skill and potential to achieve good results. Our Institute is bound by social commitments and obligation for academic excellence. We shall worship and pray the Goddess of wisdom to bestow her divine blessings for the prosperity of all.

Mahesh MhatreSecretary

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Our polytechnic has made abundant progress the stewardship our innovator chairman Shri. Rohidasji Patil. The 21st era belongs to Science, Technology and Globalization.

The world is rapidly growing in ever sphere. There are lots of researches and inventions are being carried out by the scientist and technocrats for the endurance and sustenance of their country. Our management always encourages for innovative ideas and concepts for further development of the institute in particular and country in general. The members of teaching, non-teaching and student should contribute their share for the academic excellence and over all development of our polytechnic. We should strive to maintain excellent result and further new height of glory and splendors in the crown of our polytechnic and management as well.

I hope that the Polytechnic will focus on the potential and credentials of students by giving them ample opportunities to prove their hidden skills and intellect.

Our joint efforts and whole hearted dedication will culminate goal of our trust in to reality. My best wishes to all.

Ranjana PatilPrincipal

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Today, Technology has changed the fate and face of human development in each field. Man is a rational animal. Man has achieved great heights or success and innovations only with the help of his reason, so reasoning ability is basic qualification for technological evolution. Somebody has rightly said that 'Knowledge is power'. Reasoning paves the way of knowledge. It starts one's journey from Ignorance to Knowledge. Therotical Knowledge helps the students to acquire good grades in Examination. Application of this knowledge fetches achievement and series of Opportunities in student's life. Generally and unfortunately many students fail in the subject of 'Application of academic knowledge' in day-to-day life as well as in the concerned profession. To achieve or attain long term success one has to use knowledge, application of knowledge besides reasoning ability; required in concerned profession.

Apart from professional success one has to also become successful in personal life. A skilled professional person or employee should be good human being. A good and well skilled personnel are pillars of the organization. An organization in not only know by its name but also by components of the organization.

I do personally feel, a technocrat must be a good human being, then and there he can serve a delicious dish of achievements to our society and world at large.